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While the cat is present

The beginning

When there's a candle burning in a room I find myself staring at the flame.

I'm thinking, “breathe deep”, “let go”.  In this case, I've got some orange blossom in a diffuser and most certainly, I'm petting Kate, my cat.

A big cup of Rooibos tea with lemon, ginger and a hint of honey, rests on my desk. An adorable, and old French teapot sits a few inches away from my teacup with more steeping quietly, warming that little space and the papers underneath.

And, of course, as I've said, always a cat.

Now peering over my laptop or sitting on my notebook, no matter how hard I try to keep my call space cat free. The alternative is sad, banished meowing from the other side of a closed door.  I can't clear cats, but I do clear my mind, my day and make space for you.  This is your time. There is no agenda, I have no plan or box to put you in. No judgments.


I sit and focus my mind and open my heart so I can really listen to you, tune into your words keep my opinions and judgments far away from the conversation.  I use my coaching skills to help you hear your heart, define what's really true for you, know your path and see all the choices and possibilities you have. We may change thought patterns, I may stop you to help you see them. I'll question you.

What if, how, why, and… and… and…


Before long we are in a dance all about you, what you and how you think, your heart, fears, dreams, and goals.  We discover, learn and grow along the way and from this decide what's to be done, how and when. A coaching experience is a lot like this: you bring me a knotted ball of yarn, like a cat, and drop it at my feet. We work on it together, to untangle it.

And we find treasures deep inside.

We agree to a plan of action. Our call ends. Cat walks away.

The creds:

I've got my coaching credentials. I studied at The Institute For Life Coach Training.
Masterminds and online courses: I've had the pleasure of working with people 1:1 and in groups from all over the world.
Trained in web development, graphic design, and internet management. After graduating from university I formally trained in Internet Management & Web Design at Humber Colledge here in Toronto.
Extensive hands-on experience in digital media for over 20 years. Started as a web developer, hand coding & designing with Illustrator and Photoshop in the corporate world for many years before moving into management.
Solid understanding of many aspects of digital media and online business with many years experience as a senior digital project manager with small and large teams for global media companies and top ad agencies.