Refine & Define Your Business Niche

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Tip #1 for website success. Refine & Define your niche!


For your business website to really work you must have a clear focused purpose that speaks to a very specific group of people.

This might be the most challenging thing for many of us. We start out trying to help too many people. We don’t want to “sacrifice” one dream for another. And we end up with a website that no one can make sense of.

OR our we have one business idea but it’s TOO BROAD.

People (yes including you) want to pay an expert, not a generalist and they need to clearly know you understand their pains and people's pains are pretty specific. We are unique creatures after all.

Narrow niches just work. Full stop.

We suffer from FOMO. We are passionate and have oh so many talents and that’s okay. But we can’t lead with all of them. It just confuses the heck out of anyone who’s drawn to you.

Refine and define your niche.

Trust me on this one. Life gets easier when you narrow that sh*t down. I love to overthink. It’s a cozy space in my brain. I think that’s why I strive always for easy. I need it. So if you have a business idea or a new website that serves “everyone” within a niche or offers services for many different niches…

Life and business will be difficult. I can’t lie.

Pick one core thing that you do and consider this the DOORWAY through which you welcome clients. And remember -this doesn’t mean you can’t do other work once they are in the door…

It means you are committed to solving their problems. Not everyone’s, but their specific problems that you understand intimately. Prove to one group of people that you can help them with their problems and they will have faith that you can -and buy your solutions. 

Define your business, your niche and who specifically you serve. Do that and then ask yourself how you can define and refine more…Click To Tweet

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