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Work With Me 1:1

For Coaches, Creatives & Healers.

Business coaching for supported action and accountability to get things done

I know you're not short on ideas. You're creative, have lots of passion for the work you do and you want work and a life you love. But sometimes, being a solo entrepreneur can be overwhelming. The ideas keep coming, but you want feedback and support to take action, make the right decisions for you, overcome obstacles and find the paths that work for you and your business.

I'd heard great things about Val; her impressive experience and great strategic mind, so I swallowed my fears and hoped for the best. Praise the heavens that I did! Two hours later I emerged from a fog of indecision, filled with clarity and purpose. Val asked questions and proposed solutions that defined the path forward for my business, and more importantly, how to get there…. Cate Hogan

Connect to the truth and purpose of your work for the results want

It all comes down to the actions we take and coaching helps people get things done. My work is a combination of coaching and mentoring. Coaching is designed to allow you to hear your own voice, know your heart and to bring all the glorious possibilities within you out into the world and take actions that align with you.

Mentoring provides you with my knowledge and experience as a trained and experienced online business profession with technical, business development and management experience. When you work with me 1:1 you get access to both and we work according to your specific goals.

Here are three common areas or work people come to be for:

  • Effective branding & messaging across all channels so your clients know exactly what you do and how you can help. Clarify your niche, know your clients and develop a strong brand.
  • Creative Ideation for services, products, and business development to bring out the magic, dream the dreams and discover how a business can be formed and defined
  • Removing obstacles and simplifying so the way you work is on your terms and you connect with paying clients. Define new services, evaluate current ones, remove what isn't working and create a plan to achieve goals.
  • Website audits, tech and systems mentoring so you work smarter and not harder for consistent, high-quality services and less stress. Know what isn't working and what is, make a plan to streamline your online business for results.

I felt that Val cared not only for my vision but for me as a person. I can say this with so much certainty…Val will not only help you create what your soul is seeking to express through the window of digital offerings, but she will get you there with excitement, joy, care, and ease.
Jolenny Piedra Sacred Soul Living

First, let's talk

I know this stuff is important to you and the person you work with 1:1 must get you and your business. This has to be the right fit for both of us so the first step is to meet. Let's talk. Tell me why you're looking for a coaching relationship and I'll let you know how I can help you.

Let's Talk :)

Here's what you get

  • 90 minute kickoff call where we dive deep into your current situation and your goals. Then we agree on what you'd like to focus on during our time together and commit to our first steps of action
  • 8, 60-minute coaching/mentoring calls, one call a week
  • Emaill access
  • Daily goal setting and accountability check-ins
  • Feedback and reviews between calls
  • Basic tech help if necessary with the option to purchase discounted hourly tech help for more larger needs.

That's 9 supportive sessions 1:1 with me, unlimited email access, feedback and accountability. During our time together I will help you to focus on your goals, remove and overcome obstacles simply get things done! Along the way we often uncover magic. New ways to work, ideas that make you come alive that you didn't know were there. Possibilities start to bubble. I can pull out the magic that's you -online.

Work with me 1:1 for 8 weeks for $2287.00 CDN.

Sound great? Let's Talk :)