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Little Black Dress (For your Website)

Help Your Website Attract & Connect Clients


Do you want to:

  • Open to new product and service opportunities
  • Tighten up your copy so you connect with ideal clients
  • Clarify your message so people know who you help
  • Remove tech obstacles that sabotage sign-ups & sales
  • Get feedback on promos, sales pages, blogs & funnels so you aren't stabbing in the dark & missing the mark

If you knew there were things you could do right now, to create a beautiful connection with your dream clients right now, with ease and without spending a lot of money -would you do them?

We pour so much of our heart and soul into our businesses because we are passionate about the work we do. It's easy to not understand how important this stuff is because we are busy doing that thing we do and love.

But this stuff is important.

When your website doesn't connect, is complicated or unclear and makes it difficult for people to work with you, you miss out on opportunities that cost time money and confidence.

And the worst part is…

Often you don't even realize all the ways your 24/7 pal (your website) is sabotaging your business.

Make it easy for the right people to connect with you & take action

Your ideal client shows up on your website for the first time, she figures out what you do within 5 seconds and know's what you want her to do next. She has questions and all of them are answered, easily with very little effort.

And she's not bored or feeling like she's seen it all before. She isn't overwhelmed or confused.

She's on her desktop at work but has to leave the office. She picks up where she left off on her smartphone on her way to the subway. She can easily find the content she was reading at the office, decides to join your mailing list and then, she's ready to purchase.

It takes her 5 seconds to clearly understand what she needs to do to buy the service she's interested in and completes the sale on her mobile. She gets great, professional service and messaging and feels confident with her purchase and her decision to join your list.

I know you don't want to be salesy

When you have a website that's doing a good job you don't have to “sell”. Your clients find it easy to take action and the take it. The worst thing that can happen is someone likes what you've said somewhere else, and you lose them at your website.

So when someone says “websites don't matter” don't listen to them. Websites matter and if you have one it's either attracting and retaining people or it's pushing them away.

I'll be looking at things like branding, design, tech function, copy, sales pages, funnels and more. Not only that. You will find the experience empowering and uplifting. You will learn some basic skills to make connecting with clients easier online and you will leave armed with loads of affordable ways to make your website the belle of the ball.

In The Little Black Dress <3

Here's what you get:

*When you book your session you provide me with the link to your website. By the time we have our session, I'll have already reviewed your website and be ready for lots of great insight and valuable tips just for you. Depending on my findings you can expect:

  • A 60 minute VIP Video session with me (sometimes this is longer if you have the time)
  • Recording emailed to you after our call
  • Extensive review of your business -through your website
  • New ways to offer your services and products
  • Insight into how new visitors to your site see your work & how to make that experience even better
  • Copy tips
  • Sales page reviews for valued feedback
  • And more depending on your needs
That's the Little Black Dress for your website: $127.00.

How it works

  • When you click the button below you will be taken to my calendar so you can pay for the session & book time with me.
  • During the booking you give me your URL and answer a few questions -it's super short! The less I know the better.
  • Then I review your website before our call and you get comfy while we talk all about you, your business and your website and all the opportunities I find for you to shine -more.

If you've wanted to pick the brain of a web pro and get lots of valuable tips to attract more clients with ease, this is for you!

Val xo

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