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Your Niche, Clients & Brand

It's Time To Nail Your Niche

Your Website, Your Services, Your Success. Everything You Do In Business Depends On Nailing This.

It's time to feel confident when you talk about your business. Clearly, define who your work is for and why they should care. Sell your products and services and do your work exactly how you want while still earning the income you need.

During our time together we will clarify what you do, who you do it for and why they should care. We will define your niche, your clients, your products, and services and solidify your website copy so your clients know who they are, how you solve their problems and buy your stuff!

I'd heard great things about Val; her impressive experience and great strategic mind, so I swallowed my fears and hoped for the best. Praise the heavens that I did! Two hours later I emerged from a fog of indecision, filled with clarity and purpose. Val asked questions and proposed solutions that defined the path forward for my business, and more importantly, how to get there…. Cate Hogan

Connect to the truth and purpose of your work for the results want

This is for you if you have a website but aren't sure how to create your copy and sales pages. This is also for you if you aren't attracting enough sales, connecting with the right kind of clients or thinking about changing your niche. During our time together you can:

  • Create website copy that connects and sells
  • Give your ideal clients what they want & need
  • Define products and services you love offering
  • Learn how to do research that gives you powerful results
  • Speak with ease and confidence about the work you do
  • Create blog posts, emails and social media posts effortlessly

I felt that Val cared not only for my vision but for me as a person. I can say this with so much certainty…Val will not only help you create what your soul is seeking to express through the window of digital offerings, but she will get you there with excitement, joy, care, and ease.
Jolenny Piedra Sacred Soul Living

First, let's talk

I know this stuff is important to you and the person you work with 1:1 must get you and your business. Let's also make sure this is the right fit for you right now so you get results! Let's talk.

Let's Talk :)

Here's how this works

  • I walk you through my proven process to nail your niche and ideal clients
  • We spend 6 sessions together via Skype to go through the process step by step
  • I provide feedback, tips, and guidance so you don't get stuck!
  • You have access to me between calls via email

That's 6 supportive sessions 1:1 with me, email access, feedback, and accountability. Refine and define your niche and nail your ideal clients. You will learn how this applies to your website, your sales and marketing, copy writing and social media.  When we are done you'll be armed with the clarity to move forward with your business and connect with people who want what you have and love working with you.

I can see the magic that's you and help you articulate this online in a way that connects.

$479.00 CDN.

Sound great? Let's Talk :)