The Beginners Guide To Building Your Own Website

The No Fluff - What You Need To Know DIY Website Guide.

As you may have noticed, everyone online says their Website thing is the right thing for you.  And the ping pong of Squarespace or WordPress seems never-ending.

Furthermore, I know you've got loads of other questions and a serious case of FOMO.  Sometimes it's easier to do nothing.  But what if you had the answers you needed to make choices you felt confident in making?

Today can be a good day

The sun is shining. You're flipping through this simple guide and checking off to-dos like the organized entrepreneur you know you are when you aren't completely confused.  You can finally see your DIY Website coming together before your eyes!

You're in your happy pants and pets are snoozing close buy in full support. You stop, look at your fluffy ones, sip your coffee and smile at your achievements. You're so happy not to be Googling again or stuck in analysis paralysis.

Can you imagine how that feels?

Best of all, now that you have the clarity you needed to make educated choices you took action to launch your DIY Website within a few weeks and joined the ranks of the biz pals you admire.

It's time to say I know exactly what I'm doing.

  • Understand pros and cons  from WordPress to Wix so you don't end up with any shockers
  • Get the lowdown on the tech stuff -so setup is easy
  • What you need to understand about email so you can start building your list
  • Secret tech tips so you never get in over your head
  • What to look for with plugins and templates that so you make the best choices and never suffer from FOMO
  • Top website testing tips so your launch is smooth and painless.

If We Haven't Met, I'm Val

I created this guide to help you make sense of all the conflicting and confusing information you have to sift through online for your DIY website.

Here are the answers to questions I hear every day that will give you what you need to know in order to make the best decisions for you and your business. 

I'm also a Holistic Business Coach, Website Strategist & Tech Tamer with over 20 years of digital media experience. Most importantly, I want to remove obstacles to work you love.