Holistic business strategies for the soul-based entrepreneur

How to create a simple freebie from blog content

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Why I listen to music for productivity and self-love

Use playlists for self-love in your business. Not only will music help you connect your mind with your soul, it will connect you with your business and keep you pointed true north. I've got a great playlist for you in this post AND 7 more hand picked playlists for every stage of your biz! Check it out.
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How to improve producivity and happiness in just 3-minutes a day with The Morning Sidekick Journal

How to improve your productivity & happiness in just 3-minutes a day

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How creativity in business might just save your soul (and get you, clients)

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5-Things You Need To Know Before You Start

Would you like to make better online business decisions, fairly evaluate your business progress & end self-doubt? I've got 5-things that will help you out.
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What can ruin productivity and how to stop it

How can something that seems so right for your business be so wrong? What spending 20 minutes trying to open a shampoo bottle has to do with your business. I kid you not.
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Soul-based businesses are aligned with who you are and how you are in this world. This is what I believe.  And if this is you, if you want to create a business like this, you'll benefit from a holistic approach to business building.

And I suspect you're driven by inspiration, creativity and a desire to do something meaningful with your life. Perhaps that's why you found your way here.

I'll tell you something else I think you'll agree with. Business building for us is about more than income (not that income isn't also essential). We seek meaningful work that connects with clients, has a strong purpose for us and feels fully aligned with our hearts and souls; that's what we want.

More than this, it's what we need.

So, in order to get to that aligned business nirvana-like place we all want, we have to take care of the foundational bits and pieces. And getting all blobby pieces to come together isn't for the faint of heart.  We have to stretch our wings and learn a lot of stuff. And that stuff is just as much personal development as it is business. You'll have to learn how to sell, and work with technology, and do other things you might think you can't do.

But ya can. ❤︎