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A blog for the heart centered, soul-based entrepreneur ❤︎.  Because online business strategies, tech talk and marketing doesn't always feel like it fits with who we are and how we want to work. We need aligned work. I believe the sensitive business building souls benefit from some specialized business TLC.

Business building for us is about more than income (not that income isn't also essential). Meaningful work that connects with clients, has a strong purpose for us and feels fully aligned with our hearts and souls; that's what we want and need. Everything must align with our unique personality traits, gifts and skills and not work against them.

Let's have a little happy dance break for that last point :)

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But there is more. Creating a successful business is a process and it can be long and sometimes challenging. It can also be a wonderful journey of self-discovery and inspiration.

Entrepreneurship for the sensitive souls, the HSPs, creatives, healers and helpers of this world is a gift and I know the "share your gifts" phrase is overused but we really do need more heart centered entrepreneurs with the highly sensitive trait.

And we can do it without the overwhelm.

Quote for soul based businesses, hsps, creatives and coaches online" What we know matters. Who we are matters more "- Brene Brown

And this is why I'm here.

Too many new entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by technology and marketing and end up broke or burned out, particularly highly sensitive people.  Not surprisingly, many new soul-based entrepreneurs feel overworked, underpaid and don't enjoy the work they've created.

The good news is, you can create a business you love and one that works with who you are and how you work. Technology doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. Marketing doesn't have to feel awful and you can attract clients and get paid for the skills you have to offer.

With some practical expectations and a lot of alignment when it comes to how you create your business foundations and marketing strategies, you will thrive.


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