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Let’s talk about your marketing, website, systems & soul, in business

Because you don't have to do it alone

Ask me anything about your new business online, your offerings, website & more

I love a good chat. If you’re an HSP like me, you know how powerful deep conversation is and how helpful this can be to remove blocks and invite new ideas and much-needed help. More than this, good, practical, actionable advice for clear next steps can spare us a lot of stress and anxiety.

Talk to me.

"I would 100% recommend working with Val because you get a holistic experience. Not just the engineering, but a talented creative, and skilled coach. The coaching helps you see where you might be holding back or carrying self-limiting beliefs about your business and overcome them so you can keep moving forward. Val shares her deep knowledge of techie things freely and in an accessible way so you get to feel like a partner in the process -you always feel informed.
I'm glad I found Val. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with."

Wendy Rodriguez, Presence to Purpose, Transformational Coach

Do More of What You Love

Bennifits of working with Val

  • Solidify your Niche. Not sure what a niche is? Let's talk!
  • Nail your services & offerings so they connect with paying clients
  • Learn about websites & techie things
  • Discover how to attract your soul-mate clients with your website
  • Learn how to sell and not feel weird
  • Understand design and graphics and how they are used to help businesses earn an income
  • Finally, work strategically (smarter, not harder) & learn what you should be focused on that will get you where you want to go

Here’s how it works

  • My availability for these sessions. Friday late afternoon/evening and Saturday morning EST.
  • Spots are limited. I don't say this to place any sense of urgency or scarcity in your mind. It is simply how I must work for my business soul. The time I have available for these sessions is limited due to the time I have available. Beyond this, I am stretched too thin and this is not how I like to show up for clients. I do try to keep my booking availability to the dates and times above, and this means these spots can get snapped up quickly as I don't have many per month.
  • Pay & Book a day and time for our conversation, if you don't see availability that works for you I might be able to open time for you on a Sunday, contact me here and I'll respond right away.
  • You will fill out a short form so I can prep for our call and you can tell me if you'd like me to call you or use Voxer.
  • How we connect I prefer that we connect with Voxer a free app you install on your phone.  Voxer is free to use anywhere in the world & you can save our conversation.
  • You can download the audio of our conversation. You can save our conversation and listen to it later. This is a feature of Voxer :)
  • I can also call you directly on the phone*. If you prefer I can call you if you are in Canada* or the USA*. If you want a recording of our call a digital recorder will work as a low-tech option. Voxer makes this easier.

Here's what we can talk about

  • Your marketing. What are you struggling with?
  • Clients. Are you trying to get clients but aren’t sure how?
  • Website. Are you unsure how to use your website to get clients, work with clients or get paid?
  • Email. Not sure how to use an email list, email marketing or blogs purposefully -to grow your business?
  • Tech and systems. Bamboozled by technology, how things work together, where to start or what you need?
  • How you work. We can talk about your offerings, what you do and how you do it.
  • More. I've worked with businesses online for decades as a developer, designer, marketer and manager of tech projects. I've been an entrepreneur online and worked within large and small organizations. I can help you with many things. If you have any concerns about what I can help you with you can contact me here.
Woman at window in home office

This is perfect for you if

You don't get clients from your website
You find the tech piece of online business stressful and this holds you back from doing the things you want to do
You have a business website and at least one offer
You have a service-based businesses online
You can get stuck in "analysis paralysis" and for the love of all things with toe beans 🐾 -you just need some clear next steps based on your needs today!

"My top 3 things I liked best about working 1:1 with Val:

  1. The holistic piece = very special!
  2. Val's expertise in biz coaching + tech-y/web-y endeavours (breadth & depth)
  3. The intangible but very much 'felt' piece (purrfect fit for me!)
    Best biz investment ever!!!

Val goes above & beyond the call of duty! I'm exceptionally grateful from the bottom of my heart. Meow. XO XO"

Mary Barringer The Sensitive Sherpa