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Soul-based online business strategies to get things done with ease.

If you are a creative, healer, helper or coach with a new or growing business online, I'm here to help you simplify your online business and get things done while you grow your business.

Furthermore, I believe everything starts with you. Let me give you the space to know your needs, decide who you want to work with, how you want to create products and services and what you need to be happy and healthy. I want you to consider specifics :)

Know yourself. Be mindful. Your options will expand.

I'll help you know the soul of your work for more freedom, joy, and ease. And we will remove technical obstacles, simplify systems work with workflows too. So you spend more time doing the work you love and less time fighting with the details.

I'm a life coach with a background in online tech, systems, and project management for online business. nd I'll help you create a strong online business foundation that makes your life easier while it helps you grow your business.

I loved that Val got me to stop with the “I think I have to do this” to “I know why I am doing this and this feels easy. A brilliant mix of soul and digital strategy, Val really packs an information punch into an hour of a call.

-Lydia Lee Founder of Screw The Cubicle

Solid online business foundations to make work easy

I know you want to spend most of your time doing the work you love right? I am sure that's why you created your business in the first place. That's where the joy is for most of us. But if you are held back by technology or you can't bring ideas to life because you don't have the tools to explore them as a product or service you've reached a roadblock.

And roadblocks aren't good for your sanity or your business.

Tech, systems & strategies with you in mind

Tech and systems that work with who you are and how you work is the goal because anything else will cause unnecessary pain and struggle.  These choices don't have to be complicated we just need to clearly understand what you need. Not what everyone else online says you need. Not what that other person that does work similar to your needs and not what you think you might need in a few months.

Val was amazing. She evaluated what I had and gave me constructive steps to take to improve the experience of my ideal clients. This is a great service for even the least techy person.

Nicole Liloia,

I can give you clarity and ease.

I will show you what you can do right now to shove your business forward and into the light of your dreams and goals. Help you get creative with your products and services and find your soulmate systems to grow your business with ease.

Here's How to Work with Me

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