Why I listen to music for productivity and self-love


**Psssst, there is a playlist just for you at the bottom of this post!

When the world is all aflutter and clutter and elbows and knees, self-love is the answer. When ya just don't know what the F to do or how to do it.  When you just can't seem to organize a thought or a front aimed foot and you just wanna scream. You need to get on a self-love highway and the shortest path to self-lovin' for me is music.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. -Plato Click To Tweet

Let me also just say it's next to impossible to be productive when your self-love tank is running on empty. You might just need to step away from your tasks.

Step away!

You'll just get stuck and overwhelmed if you stay and try to force anything.

Put on some music

Studies suggest that music can improve productivity if you use it before you get down to brass tacks. Personally, I think it totally depends on what your tasks are and one thing for sure, music encourages the release of dopamine, and people are just happier working while listening to music.

Music always has a profound and immediate effect on my mood. When I need a good wedge to pry me out of a spin cycle, I turn to music. Music can color my world in an instant and un-wedge stuckness in all forms.

I also use it as a tether a lifeline and headlamp while I dig deep.

Music is an easy path to self-love

Music is soul food when we feel lost. When no one speaks our language, when your head doesn't understand your heart, you can connect both with a melody and a poetic word.

We all can.

So while you're on your quest for a business and a life you love, remember this when you feel you're being pulled apart. Music heals.

So use playlists for go-to fill-ups. Make one for all your needs. Customize and niche those morsels. Then select the perfect grouping for when you need a salve, a boost, some inspiration or a calm hand on your shoulder.

Use music as a tool for the soul, a healer of your mind and a productivity instigator.Click To Tweet

Music can connect us with something that's part of everything and everyone. We can let go of our ego minded insanity and recognize, not only are we not alone with our fears and struggles, but we can be objective about them. Step out of your head and use music to connect with the space beyond your mind and use it to help you write, paint, play, express and create from your soul.

Learning how to connect your head and heart is a skill you'll always use

That head/heart connection acts as a compass and it will always point you true north.  Go crazy with playlists. Use music as a portal to your soul, a healer of your mind and a productivity instigator.

Use music to learn more about the tick in your clock and feed it.

Hold on. And let go.

A self-love playlist for you!

Here's a playlist for the soul-based entrepreneur that's not particularly relevant except that it's one I listen to when I want to create.

Happy Listening!!

Bye for now,

Val xo

If you are on Soundcloud and prefer to listen to and fave this same playlist there here you go: Grab this playlist on SoundCloud here.

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