Business Basics for A Strong Foundation


Helping new coaches, healers & helpers define the work they do, set it up, so it feels great, & get paid.

Holistic business strategies bring more of YOU to your work

Marketing and holistic business strategies for the early years of business online. Discover your way of work, find marketing bliss and alignment, make friends with the tech bits and learn how to get paid. 

Let me help you refine your niche, create offerings people will buy, and get that website working for you.

What holistic business means to me

A holistic approach to business puts you  at the center of strategic choices

How you create your business, what you choose to offer, how you choose to offer it, and everything you do from your working hours to your technology choices; must come from an understanding of who you are and what you need.

Knowing yourself is a huge part of the entrepreneurial journey.

My holistic business approach is perfect for you if you want to create work for yourself that works well with your skills, personality, your lifestyle and your goals. And you are ready to accept that there will be bits you don't love about running your own business, but I am here to tell you there are a million ways to do things, and there is a way that will work for you.

Nonetheless, business does include selling and marketing.

Most help-y kinds of entrepreneurs aren't crazy about marketing. But they are when I expose them to a few mindset shifts. 🤪

Last, but not least, if you're a creative or sensitive soul that needs to take more inspired action in support of creating a business you love, I believe in you. I think your brain, passion, creativity and weird ideas are just what the world needs right now.

More than ever.

Grab my simple how-to guide: Automate Your Coaching Workflow

Mary, a Client and The Sensitive Sherpa


Before I worked with Val I didn't know how to define my niche or understand how to work with online technology confidently or how to get my message out. I felt somewhat lost ... w/o a compass.

After working with Val I am very excited about my niche & new biz. Everything feels aligned.  I am ELATED & OPTIMISTIC!!! 

-Mary, The Sensitive Sherpa

I wasn't sure what to expect. I was truly floored at the value, information, knowledge, and suggestions that she provided. The best part of working with Val is simplicity, ease, flow, huge value.

-Alauna Whelan, Creative, Sisterhood Mentor, Artisan 

Cathy Holistic Business Client of Val Cine

Calmer & Smarter

Before working with Val I was frazzled and overwhelmed. Now - calmer and smarter:) Val is incredibly thorough and takes the time to explain every step along the way. She is thoughtful in her direction and works hard to please. Her fantastic! Val is incredibly well versed and good at what she does! I would definitely recommend her.

Cathy Motly-Fitch Cathy Motley-Fitch Instagram

Holistic business approaches provide clarity and simplicity

And I am here for you because service-based entrepreneurs, creative souls and helping types often find themselves with businesses that need some clarification and alignment support. If your business has morphed into some Rorschach test (the guy who created ink-blot tests to measure disordered thinking), I can help you wrangle it into something your clients will understand. More than that, I'll make it easy for you to talk about.

And wouldn't that be grand?

Technology that makes your life simple and bank account happy

Did I mention technology? Would you rather I not?

I know. No one warned you about all the techie bits and pieces you need to figure out in order to do the stuff you want to do with your online business.  Well, don't fret.  I know that technology pieces can put the kibosh on business ideas before they get started, and I've got the fix for that.  I will show you the softer side of technology so you guys can be friends.

More about my work and holistic business strategy, here.

Why complex tools and systems aren't the best for productivity

By Val Cline

Complicated workflows and inefficient processes can suck the soul out of your work and business. Evaluate your systems. Streamline for success.

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I was at a crossroads, and Val gave me a really clear sense of direction. She gave me the objectivity and inspiration I simply could not achieve on my own.

Cate Hogan -

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.25.19 AM


I loved that Val got me to stop with the "I think I have to do this" to "I know why I am doing this and this feels easy

-Lydia Lee

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.31.57 AM


Val has integrity and great skills. It's nice to work with someone who really listens to you and to have confidence that you're being understood.

-Francine Marie-Sheppard

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.35.09 AM


I felt Val went above and beyond for me. I’m so thankful for her insights and walked away connected to an incredible business/life coach!

-Jennifer Velasquez

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.12.26 AM


Val empowers you to understand your online systems and feel confident using them, taking the tediousness out of tech. 

-Kendra Hadley