Be happy and successful with the best planners

Be Happy And Successful With The Best Planners

I have to tell you that I no longer look for planners that just help me organize my to-do lists and schedule appointments. I look for a planner that can help me continue on my personal growth path for my business and my life. I want to constantly be working to be my best self and I want to do this because it makes me happy and this makes me successful.

Go figure?

The truth is happy successful people work constantly on mindset. Mindset can determine success and happiness every moment of the day. In fact, I also think a good journaling practice and planner can actually save your life. I know they've saved mine.

I'm not kidding.

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So, a good planner and journal can even get your dirty dishes done if that's something you routinely neglect and want to change.  The right tools can change your life if you use them. Furthermore, the right business coach or life coach can slingshot your success and happiness too, but I'm getting off topic.

I've got some of the very best planners available today for your happy and successful life in 2017.

Panda Planner

panda planner planners

What you need to know about the Panda Planner planners

  • Comes in undated format
  • Has pages for days, weeks and months!
  • Comes in 2 sizes: 8.5 x 11" and 5.25 x 8.25", Pro and Classic respectively
  • Easy and quick to start using right away
  • This is an undated planner so you can start whenever you like!

The Panda Planner experience

panda planner planners

Monthly Pages

  • Monthly calendar
  • Planning section with space for monthly goals and things to avoid (love this)
  • Focus for the month (love)
  • Practice a new habit that you want to practice daily for that month (love this too!!)

panda planner planners

Weekly Pages

  • Wins and how you'll improve
  • How to make this week great
  • What you're looking forward too
  • Habits you want to practice,
  • What new thing you want to learn and space for
  • Your passion project (not too sure what this is but it's explained in detail with the planner),
  • Big projects (or goals)
  • Tasks for each big project (that get moved to your daily plan) and finally,
  • Top goals for the week


Daily Pages

  • Morning review that includes what you are grateful for and what you're excited about
  • Affirmation
  • Focus
  • Exercise
  • Today's priorities (top 3-5)
  • Schedule from 6 am - 9 pm
  • High priority tasks from the "Big Project's" you declared in your weekly planning
  • Small space for notes
  • End of day review with day's wins and how you can improve
  • Comes in a few sizes if you want lot's of space

What I love most about The Panda Planner planners

This is a very growth-oriented planner that helps you learn what's necessary for improvement daily with a very positive and encouraging focus. I also love the simplicity of it. The Panda Planner lives in my backpack now and the more I use it, the more I love it.  It's a simple to understand and use a planner that's not overwhelming. I could start using it straight away and see the benefits.

I LOVE that.

BestSelf The Self Journal

best self planner planners

What you need to know about these planners

  • Comes in one very compact size easy to take with you
  • This is an undated planner -start anytime!
  • High-quality materials and feels nice to use
  • Great planning instruction and teachings to break down goals into a 13-week roadmap
  • Encourages you to schedule all your time
  • Teaches you how to break down tasks to reach 3-month goals with their 13-week roadmap
  • Day and week pages *no month pages

The Self Journal experience


13-week roadmap

  • Define WHAT your goal or goals for the 13 weeks
  • Understand WHY you want to achieve your goal or goals
  • Work out HOW you will achieve your goals by defining specific actions you will take
  • Teaches you how to break down your goal into weekly milestones and then understand what you need to do daily to accomplish your milestones! Pure awesome. Appeals to my Project Management side.

Daily pages

best self planner planners

  • Schedule your day in 30-minute increments around your goals and the actions you defined. The planner system encourages you to have zero space in your schedule so you plan in your downtime and stay focused on your priorities
  • Daily goals
  • Day starts at 6 am and goes till 9 pm
  • Gratitude practice daily
  • Meet your daily "Targets" (this is what you have to do as defined in your roadmap, to meet your goal)
  • Inspirational quote provided on each page
  • Lessons learned and opportunities for improvement

No Monthly pages, Weekly reflection, and tracking

best self planner planners

The Self Journal does not appear to have monthly pages but has space for weekly reflection and habit tracking. This isn't a calendar. It's a "get things done", build momentum, stay focused positive reinforcement manager!

What I love most about The Self Journal

I love the task planning approach outlined at the beginning of the planner. Their 13-week approach to setting goals and breaking them down into daily tasks is simple and extremely practical. This is something most other planners don't provide in the same detail, but the way they teach you how to actually take big goals an make shit happen is simple.

The size of this planner is perfect to slip in a bag or purse.  I'm sure it would be simple to take with you everywhere.

InnerGuide 2017 Goal & Success Planner

What you need to know about these planners

  • This planner draws heavily from Life Coaching principles and helps you balance your whole life (not just your business goals). This is great as it can help prevent unhappiness and burnout. We are more than our businesses.
  • Monthly and weekly planner only *no day pages
  • Fairly large spiral hard covered book 8.5" x 9. 25
  • This is a dated planner and starts in January
  • The most "personal development"centered planner I've seen

The Inner Guide Goal and Success Planner experience

Inner Guide Planner Planners

The company that makes this planner is Inner Guide and they emphasize three things in all their planning products: Awareness, Empowerment and Fulfillment and they do this very well. They claim their planners will help you develop greater self-awareness, improve discipline, create new success habits, hold you accountable for your inner and outer life and motivate you to gain control over your time to be more focused and productive.

Tall order! Worthy goals.

Monthly planning pages

Inner GuidePlanners Monthly Page

  • Space to organize your TOP personal and professional goals for the month
  • Prioritize where you want to be at the end of the month and understand what you need to get there, how do you need and want to feel, what thoughts do you need to have?
  • Know the big picture tasks and actions you need to take
  • Plan your focus for this month with consideration for all aspects of your life (family, friends, home and more)

Weekly pages

Inner Guide Planner Planners

  • Understand your weekly top priorities
  • List all the tasks you need to do in the week to accomplish your goals
  • Gratitude reflection
  • Rate the quality of your thoughts with a
    "Positivity Score" love this
  • Record the areas of your life you felt most connected to that week
  • Review how you gave back or how you "Share the love" this week
  • Schedule times start at 6 am and go to 10 pm

Monthly reflection pagesInner-Guide-Reflection-Pages


  • Space to assess how you connected with your inner self or "Inner Guide" with a spot to tick off great ways to do this such as having tech-free time, being present, slowing down, awareness of emotions, active listening and more
  • A "Self Awareness Checkin"
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Self Care section where you declare how you supported yourself in these areas
  • General reflection journaling for the past month

What I love most about the Inner Guide Goal and Success Planners

Okay, full disclosure. If you don't know already I am a trained life coach. It's something I am grateful to have studied so I believe in life coaching principles. It's all about holding a safe space to grow, learn and hear your own soul's desires. Life coaching helps us be our best selves and design the lives we need to do that. Life coaches focus on what works and not what doesn't and we strive to help our clients move forward towards their dreams and aspirations.

Is it any surprise I loved this planner?

Consequently, I think this planner will help you live a happier more productive life.  You will feel honoured while completing tasks towards goals this planner helps you define according to your heart and soul. As someone who owns this planner too, It's really fun to use.

Most noteworthy,  I can see how you can adapt these areas with a focus more on business achievements while still ensuring you honour your full self.  For example, you can use the self-awareness check-in to evaluate how you did with your business goals, how you felt, what came up for you, what felt easy and what felt hard and why what inspired you and what you dreaded -and why.

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Passion Planner & Planner Pad (honourable mentions)

passion planner and planner pad

Why I love the Passion Planner

  • Come in two sizes 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ & 8.5″ wide by 11″
  • Comes in dated and undated formats -love
  • The cover is soft and flexible which I prefer over the Panda Planner
  • Has full year at a glance calendar -I like this
  • Same progressive personal development perspective as the rest reviewed here above

The Passion Planner wasn't fully reviewed for a few reasons. Firstly I didn't do a big review of this planner because it's been reviewed a lot and secondly because I like a planner with daily pages! However, I DO love their weekly layout and everything else about them. If you don't mind the lack of a daily page in your planner I encourage you to check them out. There's a lot to love.

Why I love the Planner Pad Planners

  • Their "Funnel System" of breaking down your goals into tasks to get shit done
  • Loose paper for binders, spiral lay flat bound as well as electronic options
  • Comes in dated and undated versions!
  • Year calendar for forecasting and year at a glance
  • Big picture view at all times of what's going on and what needs to be done
  • Adheres to essentialist principles to just get er done!

I stumbled across these during my research and really like their straightforward approach to getting shit done! The way they break down your goals into weekly then daily tasks is simple and effective.  This planner doesn't include the mindset and personal development and that's the main reason it wasn't fully reviewed here.

If you already have other ways to ensure your personal development and mindset work happens every day and you're looking for straightforward "get shit done" planning tool, this one might be for you. Check it out.

Why I know you'll find happiness and success with these planners

In conclusion, I am confident you will achieve success with any of these planners, but you need to commit yourself to their teachings and practices. As with anything in life, you do get out what you put in, but these little gems give so much that they can be life-changing.

  • Firstly, when you address your mindset regularly you will develop a habit of mindfulness that will literally change your life and business for the better.
  • Secondly, you will start to see the fruits of your regular mindset work immediately. You will start to feel lighter, more confident and you will achieve more.
  • Thirdly, you will get to know yourself better than you've ever known yourself before if these practices are new to you. It's an opening. These planners don't just help you develop a mindfulness practice and a growth mindset, they do it in ways that are simple and actually fun. They help us learn about ourselves -often our favourite topics!
  • Finally and I'm quite serious here, why the hell wouldn't you want to have a planner that reinforces these practices for you every day?

Share your thoughts about paper planners. Do you have a favourite? Have you used any of these?

Bye for now,

Val xo

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