Holistic Business Coaching, Marketing & Tech Mentorship

Single Session Coaching

Holistic Business Coaching & Tech Mentorship


Help when you need it for feedback, next steps and mentorship

Support calls for past clients

Designed with past clients in mind, these sessions are perfect for support, accountability and momentum after you and I have worked together. Big change such as refining your niche, learning about your ideal clients, defining new services or creating marketing plans are best served within an ongoing coaching package.

Learn more about my email and zoom packages.

This is perfect for you if

  • You are a past client of mine and I already know your work
  • You have a specific goal for our call
  • You haven't booked more than one other call in a month*

*IF you find you need more than 2 of these in a month or within 30-days you might be better served with Email Coaching as that is perfect for more in-depth support, accountability and ongoing mentorship.

1-Month of Email & Voxer coaching is less than 3-Support Calls. More about that here.


Here's what you get

  • 90-minutes 1:1 with me where I give you feedback and support for your specific situation
  • A recording of our conversation, so you can refer to step-by-step advice, opportunities and strategies, just for you :)
  • Blissful clarity and lots of empowerment!

Valerie isamazingly insightful, her sessions are productive and will meet you where you are and support you in reaching where you need to go... This woman is so soooo good that she will tailor her services to meet your needs... she understands the uniqueness of each person and asks you the poignant questions to hopefully discover why it is you do what you're doing... your inspiration. -Hector Johnson, Yoga Instructor

90-Minute Sessions: $250.00 USD