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Nice Things People Say

I got a really good vibe from Val and after checking out V's website, I knew she was the one for me. After our initial consult call, the deal was sealed. Re. timing, I felt that I had done "due diligence" to the best of my ability. I knew it was time for "professional/strategic biz help.

Before I worked with Val I didn't know how to define my niche or understand how to work with online technology confidently or how to get my message out. I felt somewhat lost ... w/o a compass.

After working with Val I am very excited about my niche & new biz. Everything feels aligned.  I am ELATED & OPTIMISTIC!!! Looking forward to working with Val for my website!

I am more confident about technology and social media. I am more knowledgeable & clear in general.

What I liked the most is the easy & natural connection. Val's keen listening, understanding & synthesizing skills. The structure/organization. The homework/challenges. Val's openness & wealth of info/expertise. The session recordings. Val's notes. So much more.

My top 3 things I liked best about working 1:1 with Val:

1. The holistic piece = very special! 2. Val's expertise in biz coaching + tech-y/web-y endeavours (breadth & depth) 3. The intangible but very much 'felt' piece (purrfect fit for me!)
Best biz investment ever!!! Val goes above & beyond the call of duty! I'm exceptionally grateful from the bottom of my heart. Meow. XO XO

Mary Barringer The Sensitive Sherpa

Before working with Val I was frazzled and overwhelmed. Now - calmer and smarter:) Val is incredibly thorough and takes the time to explain every step along the way. She is thoughtful in her direction and works hard to please. Her fantastic! Val is incredibly well-versed and good at what she does! I would definitely recommend her.

Cathy Motly-Fitch The Fit Voice Cathy Motley-Fitch Instagram

I wanted to work with Val on my website because the coaching experience with Val was so OUTSTANDING!!! It felt very natural to roll right into the creation of the website. I 100% trust(ed) Val, and knew she "got me" & knew she was extremely creative.

Now that we have completed both the coaching & the website, to borrow her term, I feel completely & totally aligned. Everything feels right -- the name of my biz (love it!!!), every detail of my website, all that I've learned, etc. I KNOW this is what I'm supposed to be doing. All of the steps leading me here were integral & valuable.

Before = Everything was kind of fuzzy.

I feel the launch was a big success as well - I received glowing feedback --and I'm happy that I have 30 folks on my email list within a few weeks of my launch & that the website is getting good traffic. Val helped create my freebie and all that setup with MailChimp. I could not be happier.

My business will benefit from this experience because everything is aligned. I feel crystal clear -- very focused & madly in love with my niche. The website is a huge factor. It's my beautiful & detailed calling card. Everything feels cohesive & professional.

I tried to consider what specifically I liked about this experience. I loved everything!!! Most specifically -- getting the copy CLEAR, choosing images, colors & quotes, etc. You are an excellent teacher, Val, & are able to break down complicated info/tasks into "bite sized" bits. Super helpful!!! I greatly appreciate your PATIENCE!!! I loved & valued the learning process ...

What made this a great experience for me:
1.) Val took the time to get to know & get me well; this understanding shines through in my website (which I believe is rare!). Val's intuition is powerful!
2. ) Val is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, efficient & organized! + she's very accessible!!
3.) Val's creativity is a beautiful gift !!!
I adore my custom logo!!!
I truly can not imagine a website I would love more!! Thank you!! XoXo

Mary Barringer | The Sensitive Sherpa |

Val is proactive, organized, clear, supportive and incredibly helpful. I also found her work hub tool to be very effective in regards to sharing resources and communicating, particularly as we are in different timezones and hemispheres.

Val met all my needs and then some, and did so proactively, professionally, resourcefully, timely and respectfully.

Di Harnett, Fine Artist, Art Teacher 

I would 100% recommend working with Val because you get a holistic experience. Not just the engineering, but a talented creative, and a skilled coach. The coaching helps you see where you might be holding back or carrying self-limiting beliefs about your business and overcome them so you can keep moving forward. Val shares her deep knowledge of teachy things freely and in an accessible way so you get to feel like a partner in the process -you always feel informed.
I'm glad I found Val. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with.

Wendy Rodriguez, Transformational Coach 

Committing to my goal of simplicity this year I decided to work with Val.  For anyone who is clueless but is an avid DIYer, like me, and is muddling through web design and flow, I highly recommend working with Val. I implemented just a few of the recommendations she provided and I'm SO happy with the result thus far.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I was truly floored at the value, information, knowledge, and suggestions that she provided. The best part of working with Val is simplicity, ease, flow, huge value.

-Alauna Whelan, Creative, Sisterhood Mentor, Artisan 

The work Val did for me and with me was life changing. I do not say that lightly. She single handedly changed the entire trajectory of my business. She is amazing at what she does and truly listens to who you are and your needs while guiding you about what needs to happen and why. I cannot say enough good things. Val is like an angel that came down to help me live to my fullest potential.

Val helped me with strategy and setup my systems for my two branches of business. These jobs that are computer/technology related are just not my strong point at all. Val has been amazing at sorting this out for me and making it all understandable.  I feel I can always contact her no matter if the job is big or small.

Val is the best! She is bright, wise, patient and kind and she is amazing at what she does. Her work is valuable to the quality of my work.

-Annika Brindley, Sleep Consultant, Therapist 

I had a great experience with Val.  She was very professional and helpful. I appreciated that I could contact Val anytime with questions, she was very responsive and her advice was very well thought out. She understood exactly what I was looking for and what she gave me was right on. I feel I got high-quality results and a lot of value working with Val.

-Joe, Garden Center Owner | 

Val is very thorough in her work; this resulted in her going above and beyond for me and the other participants in the group. Her feedback is so relevant because she takes the time to understand your business goals and values. She shared best practices but always brought everything back to what would work for me specifically. I’m so thankful for her insights she is an incredible business/life coach!

If you get a chance to work with Val do it!

-Jennifer Velasquez, Artist, Crafter, Maker |

Val helps you figure all the systems and tech stuff out in a way that doesn't cause any website or business shame... she is a great help for even the least techy person.

-Nicole Liloia, Business Coach |

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazingly insightful, productive bull's-eye. You helped me hit it right in the center zone regarding my offering of a business idea.  Val is truly gifted, a giver, a gatherer, and graceful in her approach and delivery.

I encourage anyone considering utilizing her talents and skills to do so.  Valerie will meet you where you are and support you in reaching where you need to go regarding your dreams and goals.  This woman is so soooo good that she will tailor her services to meet your needs... she understands the uniqueness of each person and asks you the poignant questions to hopefully discover why it is you do what you're doing... your inspiration.

-Hector Johnson, Yoga Instructor

Valerie is easy going and makes everything clear, easy, fun and UNDERSTANDABLE! Not to mention she is super organized which really takes the chaos out of online business and techy stuff when you are not sure where to begin!

-Shelley McNamara, Life & Busienss Coach

My way of promoting my work had to change. I was no longer getting the response I had in the past with traditional media. Val changed the way I used Newsletters and Facebook and I was able to reach people and get a response. Val taught me there are lots of ways to reach people online.

After working with Val, I believe that I can reach into my inner thoughts and artistic directions and share this with people. I see that instead of a chore it has been good for me to express my art ideas and get a response.

-Elizabeth Berry, Fine Artist 

I was at a crossroads, and Val gave me a really clear sense of direction. I emerged from a fog of indecision, filled with clarity and purpose. Working with Val is a no-brainer! You owe it to yourself and your business to invest in Val. She will give you the objectivity and inspiration you simply don't have as an individual.
-Cate Hogan, Author, Editor | 

Val really packs an information punch into an hour of a call. I loved that Val got me to stop with the "I think I have to do this" to "I know why I am doing this and this feels easy.
-Lydia Lee, Career Coach, Speaker, Mentor |

I felt that Val cared not only for my vision but for me as a person. I can say this with so much certainty. She helped me tune in to what would serve me, and to those that would want to learn more about me and my vision.
- Jolenny, Coach | 

Val's a great listener,  curious & inquisitive and she has integrity and great skills! It's nice to work with someone who gets you and to have confidence that you're being understood.
-Francine Marie-Sheppar, Entrepreneur

Val makes you feel more capable to deal. She explains things in a step-by-step manner and her enthusiasm for this work is contagious. She takes care of your needs in an empowering way and her human approach to the technical world is what makes her unique. She empowers you to understand your online business and feel confident.

-Kendra Hadley, Confidence Coaching & Counselling