Life is a song and without music, words, dance, paint and free luxurious scribbles, how can we connect with our humanity & experience?

Art takes many forms. And judgment removes all sense. Oftentimes, it's our own judgment that holds us back, keeps us from connecting with ourselves and others.  I love the creative process, even the scary and painful bits. I enjoy your creative expressions as well as my own. We are creative beings.  Everyone should play like this and revel in the results without judgment.

White Roses on Blue
No Curtains - Poem Inspired by Photo
Ginger Cat Watching Blues & Bees
Serious Swallow Mixed Media Print
Do More Of What You Love - T-Shirt

Art Heals & Words Connect

I am dyslexic and have struggled with this and other learning disabilities all my life. I still read far slower than my peers. But for the most part, I've learned how to learn and manage my way of doing it. Organizing my thoughts on paper can still take me more time than anyone would expect. My spelling is horrific by most people's standards. I can also be rather articulate on a good day :).

We each have our way.

For most of my younger years, I could not demonstrate my cognitive abilities within the ridged school systems of the time. And that drove me bananas.

Perhaps this is why creative writing has always appealed to me. There are fewer rules or at least the rules are nuanced.

Creativity and creative writing are joyful experiences for me, even if you have to go through the muck before you're done.  This helps me to connect with myself and process thoughts.

Art heals.

I would be thrilled if you got some joy from what I create.   Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Items I currently have for sale are on my products page. Just click the SHOP button to see all the items I currently have available at this time.