Coaching Support & Mentorship Using Voxer

Let's talk about your niche, offerings, website and marketing

Let's talk about business, is a fun coaching and mentorship experience, using Voxer and a private content hub. It's a flexible, affordable and fun way to work with me as your coach.

What is Voxer, and how does Voxer coaching work with Val?

Let's Talk Business (with Voxer) is 1:1 business coaching & tech mentorship - when you need it. Unlike traditional coaching intensives, where you book sessions, and we meet "in-person" over zoom, this is different.  Perfect if you've worked with a coach before, or you've done some self-study and work on your new-ish business of wonderfulness.

Just pick up the phone for laser-focused strategic support

Listen to my coaching messages anytime, anywhere

I do some of my best coaching while walking, and you will come along with me while I leave you detailed responses to your messages. But don't worry, you will love the extra TLC you get from me using Voxer.

Not only that, you will LEARN SO MUCH about business building and learn do it, your way.

Equally important, you will do this while you get things done! SEO strategies for your blogs, passive ideas that can bring in more than pennies, marketing strategies that you enjoy - all of this and more while I stop to say hello to kitties in front yards and molest random pooches.  My clients are a special breed of unconventional, seeking work "done their way".

Voxer is a free app you and I will use

Additionally, Voxer is a free app that kinda turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. You can "call me" anytime you like, and often I am right there -and can talk to you "live". More than that, it doesn't matter if we are in the same time zone, or if you are a night-owl and have burning questions at 2 in the morning.

Just pick up your phone and ask me anything.

I will listen as soon as I can and then respond. You can also access Voxer on your computer, use it as a chat tool and more.

"..the coaching experience with Val was so OUTSTANDING!!! ."
- Mary, The Sensitive Sherpa.

Solid foundations for your business

Furthermore, I help you create solid foundations for your business. And by this, I help specifically with marketing, technology and design, and I deliver it with a business strategy that is holistic.

This means I want you to get your niche right, understand what offerings will bring you joy and income, and set things up, so they aren't technically way over your head or manually far too labour-intensive. I'll help you focus on the right things, at the right time -> for you!

Benefits of working with Vl

Benefits of working with Val

  • Solidify your Niche
  • Nail your services
  • Learn about websites & techie things
  • Discover how to attract paying clients with your website
  • Learn how to sell and not feel weird
  • Understand design and graphics for branding and presence online
  • Finally, work strategically (smarter, not harder) -learn what should you be focused on that will get you where you want to go
Coaching for coaches, healers, teachers and service based business

Who is this for?

  • Service-based entrepreneurs in the early years of business-building who need help with the "next-steps", attracting clients, creating offerings and sorting out how to make everything work together
  • You have a functioning business website online
  • Proactive self-starters! Coaching such as this is perfect for the action-oriented entrepreneur who can take or adapt ideas, information or strategies, then execute!

Anything Else I Need To Know About Let's Talk Business, Voxer Coaching with Val?

Yes! I've included a private content hub where you can find support documents, videos and more. Once you subscribe below, you will be given access to all the materials in the hub.

A private content hub full of resources

Let's Talk Business Coaching With Val Content Hub Examples
Coaching with Voxer Testimonials

Here is an example of what you can find in the Let's Talk Business (with Voxer) content hub:

  • Tear-Downs (I don't love that term but might help you understand what these are -they are constructive critique videos that really help you learn). I find using concrete examples to be super helpful for my clients. You will find live review videos that show you good and bad examples of websites for:
    • Niche and ideal client reviews
    • Website design and content
    • Sales Pages
    • Offerings and Freebies
  • Video tutorials
  • Marketing tips
  • Income planners
  • Lots more and I am adding to this all the time

This may not be the perfect fit, if you:

  • Don't yet have a business website and are in the first stages of business building and don't know where to start. A 1:1 coaching intensive might be better for you
  • Have a business website but no services or offerings and haven't thought about these things yet
  • Are running a business that is primarily an e-commerce business
  • Want your business income to come from blogging alone *but I DO teach you how to use blogs to get clients and income ;-)
  • Struggle to work on your own and to action strategies, tutorials and mentorship - working with a VA can be helpful as a compliment if you have trouble with this last piece <3

What's the cost?

$200/month and I ask for a 3-month commitment. You are billed for 3-months up-front and your subscription can continue or be cancllled each time it is up for renewal.

I'm in, what's next?

1.  ✏️  Fill out this *short* application And then go watch some Netflix. I will respond within 24-hours.

Space is limited, so I want to make sure you are at a place where you can fully take advantage of our work together. And you know what that means? Less FOMO and better results!  Can you imagine how amazing that feels? 🥳

2. ☎️ If you're a good match for Let's Talk Business I will arrange a time for a quick call so we can talk in person. Who whats to work with someone they've never met am I right? 

Then you will get a payment link and pay for 3-months of Let's Talk Business

3. ✅ Once you pay you will receive a welcome package with everything you need to get started the same day if you wish! 

I look forward to hearing from you and learning all about your business!

Looking forward to meeting you!