WordPress vs everything else

Your DIY Website Guide:

WordPress vs Everything Else & What This Means To You!

What You Need To Know Before You Choose Your DIY Website

As you may have noticed, everyone online says their DIY Website thing is the right thing for you. And the ping-pong of Squarespace or  WordPress seems never-ending.

Not only that, I know you've got loads of other questions and a serious case of FOMO.

The choices seem endless and you just wanna know which is right you - and why. But it's not that easy, some of this stuff is difficult to understand and you don't even know what the right questions are to ask.


It's time to know exactly what DIY Website to choose and why!

After you've read this guide you'll be able to stop Googling and make an informed decision ❤︎ and you'll be able to say:

✓ I know which DIY Website option makes sense for me & why!
✓ I know what to expect with the choice I've made
✓ I know **what I need** to make my choice work for me and my business
✓ And I feel great about the choice I've made because I understand exactly why it's the best for me today

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