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Tech and systems stuff is literally driving you to tears.  I know it. I hear it all the time. For example, the overwhelm can start with your website and all the choices and options you have.  Then it's hooking up more systems like your email and a booking calendar and in the meantime, what about payments?

But that's not all.

Next, you have all the other stuff people say you need to figure out like funnels and opt-ins and sales pages and videos and social media marketing. And these all have their own tech and systems and options…

No doubt you can go from one thing to another and still you're spending more time and hours on the techy-webby stuff than you spend doing the thing you created your business to do! Wine and tears are not that unusual at this stage.

The kicker is the stuff you find or use doesn't actually make your life easier. You find them way more complicated than you expected them to be, they break or don't work with other stuff you use and in the end, they just plain don't help and actually make your life more stressful.

What tech bliss can look like

The truth is, with a little help, you can have systems and tech choices in place that make your life bliss. Everything you do regularly runs smoothly. Your client experiences excellence and consistency, you can rely on lots of automated things that get done without you having to lift a finger and you're super proud to show off your online biz.

But that's not all.

You can overcome tech obstacles and have systems that work with you as a person. Ease and flow naturally follow. First and foremost, these are the foundations of your online business. Within a sea of options and choices, taking care to create the right setup and find the right solutions for you will make everything else in your biz life easier.

Tech and systems with YOU in mind

Tech and systems that work with who you are and how you work is the goal because anything else will cause unnecessary pain and struggle.  These choices don't have to be complicated we just need to clearly understand what you need. Not what everyone else online says you need.

Val was amazing. She evaluated what I had and gave me constructive steps to take to improve the experience of my ideal clients. This is a great service for even the least techy person.

Nicole Liloia, nicoleliloia.com

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