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“I felt that Val cared not only for my vision but for me as a person. I can say this with so much certainty” -Jolenny Piedra, Transformational Coach

Business Coaching for HSP's, Coaches, Creatives and Helping Service-Based Businesses.

You might be surprised to learn that many helping types of entrepreneurs create businesses that don't work for them. They either don't attract enough revenue or they become tragically unpleasant to run and manage.

If you are headed in this direction you might be doing a lot of work, but still not getting clients. Or perhaps you spend most of your time stressing about things that aren't really your zone of expertise. And that sure isn't fun is it?

Burnout is not uncommon for entrepreneurs. And when the work you do is not at least 70% fun for you, that's a serious drag. Little known fact....

You can create a business you don't really like!

And it happens all the time.

Aligned Work - Why I call my work holistic

There are strategies for creating meaningful work, work you enjoy and work that fills you up all while providing you with the income you need.  And you are right if you've discovered that income doesn't magically appear once you build your website, or after you've ordered your business cards. You can have great credentials, be a hard worker, treat clients like the special unicorns they really are and still...


And usually, it's because some basic business foundations haven't been created. And once you create them - you'll want to be sure you are focusing on the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons.

So how do you know what these things are? What are the foundations I speak of?

I say, this very much depends on you and your business.

I don't want you to create a business you hate

Creating and running a business you love is about knowing yourself. Understand your strengths and remove obstacles in the way of your success.

This is where I can help.

I will help you create solid business foundations, based on your business needs and you. More than this, I'll help you set your expectations properly too -so you don't give up just when you're about to take off!

There is nothing worse than thinking you should be somewhere that's completely inappropriate for the stage of business you are at, and then quitting.

And last but not least, you need to understand basic marketing strategies and find what works for you and your soul-mate clients and customers.


A note about the techie things and that path of ease

I work with people who want more choice, more freedom and more opportunities to reach their goals, on their terms. The internet and technology have made this possible for so many. Even if you are a self-proclaimed "non-techie", even if you hate technology -I will help you embrace it. Because it can help you get everything you want from your business and more or it can make things far more difficult than necessary.

There is no way around the technology aspect of business today, but I'm here to show you there is a way for you, no matter how non-techie you think you are.

I will make tech easy for you.

And this means I can talk about these things in plain English. I can explain the most complex of techy things -with ease and in a way, you will just get. You will have the low down on what can help you and what won't -even if it is all fancy and oodles of money and everyone says it's "the thing to have".

You'll say things like "omg I get it now!" or "thanks for making this so easy" or "no one's ever explained it to me like that before.." or "OMG you're single AND you have a kitty shaped salt and pepper shaker?!"...

So I don't just lead you towards the path of ease for your goals, I know the tech environment I am leading you through -very well. We can and will discuss how this impacts your life, your business and your sense of ease. And believe it or not -often the best techy solution is a low techy one!

I think having someone on your side, you can trust and love working with who gets this stuff is pretty important for online business today. And if you do too -let's talk.

If you are a self-made person (freelancer or entrepreneur) you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in a process that will give you the objectivity and inspiration you simply don't have working on your own. And I say that as someone with ten years of marketing experience under my belt, who quite arrogantly assumed I could handle it alone. It's a no-brainer to work with Val! Cate Hogan catehogan.com

Is it time to define a business that works for you?

I'm going to take you on a path of self-discovery and strategic action steps so you can clearly define or refine your business for the success you want.

For those still in the Idea stage:

We define your business and even a core offering if we have time, according to your needs and goals. We create a clear business niche, do some market research, identify your ideal clients and create an offering your clients want. We even work on your messaging and start booking clients!

For those with new or newish businesses online that need help figuring out why you're not getting the clients or sales you need

We look at your services, pricing, messaging, your website and all you're doing for your business today. We review what's working for you and what isn't and define a way forward that ensures the success you need.

I was attracted to Val's ability to understand other people 's business and vision and help to make it happen as if it was her own.. I had tons of ideas..

Val broadened my perspective. I loved her professional approach to simple fun ideas and way of turning them into a business.  I was able to see where I wanted to go but unable to start. I was completely overwhelmed. Now my ideas are directed towards a goal, I am taking action and can see how I can make money from them.

-Caroline Odaimi