How to improve your productivity & happiness in just 3-minutes a day

How to improve producivity and happiness in just 3-minutes a day with The Morning Sidekick Journal

If you follow the simple routine laid out in The Morning Sidekick Journal I believe you will increase your productivity and happiness.

Surprising results

After using The Morning Sidekick Journal for 22 days I am seeing some pretty amazing results.

I decided I had to share them with you today so you can start your new year off with some real wins!  I am learning that a morning routine can have powerful positive effects on my health, happiness and productivity. Not only that, even if you think you aren't a morning person, you can do this. I am also learning some interesting things about myself and what I habitually do that seriously compromises my ability to be productive, healthy and happy.

Many of my learnings have surprised me and helped me to understand how to stop procrastination in its tracks.

The Morning Sidekick Journal

Please Note: No one has asked me to do a review of this product, however, the links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links and if you use them I get a small bit of change for linking to Amazon so you can grab this cool little book if you want to try it out as I did.

What is The Morning Sidekick Journal and how can it help you?

The Morning Sidekick Journal is a small-ish, beautifully made book/journal combo designed to help you create a powerful morning routine that will increase your productivity and happiness. You follow a 66-day program and by the end, you will have a hard-wired powerful morning routine that makes you happy and more productive. That's the promise and for me so far it's working. The Journal is divided into 3-Phases and each has a different journal layout designed to help you focus and stay on track, for that phase. The content opposite the Journal pages is also tailored for that phase.

The Morning Sidekick Journal Pages

Change your habits change your life

Seems simple doesn't it?

Most people find it hard to change bad habits and just as hard to commit to new good habits.

Many of us walk through life on autopilot unaware of just how much some of our bad habits impact our day-to-day lives. Do we realize how much our choices can rob us of our productivity, relationships, happiness and even our health?  After working on my own bad habits for the past 22 days I can tell you that I bet most people have no idea how many little bad habits they have that massively impact their lives.

The Morning Sidekick Journal is helping me be more aware of my choices and more importantly, the impact of them.

Let me explain how this little book can change your life :)

Habits are patterns we repeat

Some habits are so comfy and nervy that you don't notice how often they take control of your "command center" and make choices that don't serve you well. It's not unusual for us to function on autopilot, run by our habits even if our habits are making us miserable. What mindfulness can teach us is powerful and you will be increasing your awareness of your choices through the use of this journal.

We all have patterns of behaviour that can fall into very comfortable grooves, worn over time and these time-worn habitual behaviours are comfy as heck.  It takes a certain level of awareness to even identify our own "grooves" and the habits that run our lives. But with a little work and effort, we can fill in the grooves of the habits that don't serve us and create new ones that do.

Let's create habits that become so comfortable we perform them easily, without much thought.

Are you aware of how your bad habits impact your life?

I know I can watch too much Netflix from time to time and look at my cell phone too much and sometimes fritter my time away on nonsense but you will be surprised at what a stint of regular and mindful tracking can do for your awareness.

You might even be shocked.

I bought this book shortly before Christmas to help me reach goals for 2019.  Through the use of this journal, I am becoming more mindful of my daily choices, thoughts and actions and how they impact my life. The mindfulness component of this process I find particularly powerful and I think it's why I'm able to achieve such powerful results in a short time.

Benefits of using The Morning Sidekick Journal that I am experiencing

  1. I am sleeping better
  2. I am making healthier food choices - I'll be honest I already make healthy food choices, but it's the eating habits of snacking when I'm stressed and snacking late in front of the TV and indulging perhaps in pasta more than I'd like. Mmmm pasta...
  3. I am stronger and more fit - I had let myself become quite sedentary working from home and this needed to change in a big way
  4. I am getting more things done in a day than I'd do in a week previously and
  5. I am removing piles of energy drainers that were suffocating me
  6. And I have less stress

All due to this little book :)

This book isn't some miraculous cotton candy covered, wish-granting unicorn. You do have to do the work to see results, but this book does help and it's very motivating when you start to see the results of your efforts!

A powerful morning routine will make you more productive

This book teaches you how to create a powerful morning routine and why it's so helpful for productivity and happiness.

I've always used tools to help me plan my days and my life, but I've never been able to create a powerful morning routine.  As you might be able to see in the photo above along with The Morning Sidekick Journal, I use a regular Leuchtturm journal and a planner. This year I am using The Inner Guide Goal & Success Planner and you can see my review of this planner here near the bottom of my Planner Roundup post last year.

Usually, I use a journal and a planner and just "wing" my mornings and my evenings.  And if I were honest, I sometimes stray from my planner commitments too unless they are appointments.

This process has taught me how much structure can give me more freedom and specifically what I am doing to sabotage my own freedom.

How The Morning Sidekick Journal Works

The Morning Sidekick Journal has practical advice and tips you can read and follow each day for 66-days.

This is the number of days, according to scientific research that it takes to solidify a new habit so that it's hard-wired into my brain. There is a 2-page spread for each day. On one side is your journal and the other you will find, tips, advice, recommendations for reading, podcasts and case studies designed to help you stay committed to your goals. I found these short readings quite helpful and interesting for example, I didn't know that according to research, you can benefit from a 20-minute nap even if you don't sleep!

Here's the breakdown of what you do each day in this journal


  • Record when you got to bed last night and when you woke up this morning (keeps you mindful of your sleep habits)
  • Write down the ONE thing you must do today (keeps you focused on your biggest value of the day)
  • Write down one way that you can improve your life by 1% (What's one little thing you can do today that makes your life better? This reminds us that we have choices each day -what do you choose?)
  • Declare a bedtime for *tonight* and rising time for *tomorrow* (again I think this wires in your commitment to yourself and consider what you really think you can do here to improve your sleep habits)
  • Move on to the morning routine you listed out for yourself the night before :)


  • Jot down a "Magical Moment" or moments you experienced that day (Love this. It's a bit of gratitude, bite-sized along with mindfulness strengthening)
  • Circle some of the benefits you're starting to see (this appears after week 1 in the journal. 6-measures: Feel Happier, More Organized, Increased Productivity, More Energized and Reduced Stress
  • List a few things you will commit to doing the next morning as your morning routine (there is space for up to 5 SMART goals)

What I've learned so far

  • Getting up between 5 am & 6 am every day for the past 22-days has been a gamechanger for me. Writing down the next day's morning routine the night before somehow wires a commitment in my brain that gets me up and doing them!
  • When I set boundaries for my own cell phone usage and TV time I am so much happier and far less stressed. And I grab my phone as a habit far more than I thought I did.
  • This little tool has helped me see just how unproductive my days were before I started doing this. How much time I could waste with "busy" work. How much a lack of focus can literally rob you of your life.
  • A lack of clarity can lead to procrastination and a waste of my time - when I have no tasks defined or planned I can drift and waste time not accomplish much -huge lightbulb moment for me
  • When journaling is part of my morning or evening routine I learn faster and keep new habits easier and can stay away from the bad ones.  A journal is particularly helpful if you don't accomplish all you set out to do in a day. Maybe you wake up late or miss your morning routine altogether. That's normal and a great opportunity to learn more about you.
  • I make my morning routine goals high value for my mind because everything goes pearshaped from there if I'm not keeping a grip on that sucker - I ask myself what will take the most stress away from my life if I tackle it this morning? What will make this day amazing?
  • If I don't make daily goals or tasks SMART I am mot productive at all. It's nuts how much this is true.
  • Exercise has to be my one constant in every morning routine for me because if it's not,  I'll be exercising at 10 pm if I get it in at all.
  • Sticking to a morning and evening routine designed to help me be my best self feels very good. I love this feeling. I feel so accomplished before I even start my day.
  • There are very noticeable benefits after just one day of using this journal.
  • Now I've been doing this for 25 days (when I started the draft of this post it was 22) I am seeing some great health and fitness benefits that I wouldn't have believed could happen so quickly considering how poor my fitness and strength and flexibility was when I started. I've learned often we can talk ourselves out of uncomfortable things very easily with beliefs that simply are not true. I thought it would take far more time to actually see and feel the results of my fitness efforts. This has shown me that my assumptions can be very wrong and talk me out of good things for my life. I bet I'm not the only one who does this!

I think this is enough for now. The learnings keep pouring in for me each day.

I think you can tell that I very much like The Morning Sidekick Journal and I highly recommend it. I think it will help you start the new year off right and give you valuable insight into your current habits that you can use and review often. I know it can help you change bad habits and create new ones.

If you decide to try it or have tried it, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you have any morning routines? What do you think about this idea? Please let me know.

And if you think this journal sounds pretty fab -you HAVE to check out the other of theirs I love here.

6 thoughts on “How to improve your productivity & happiness in just 3-minutes a day”

  1. I loved this read so much! I would love to try out the morning sidekick journal to help me grasp a new habit. I already have a few habits in mind that I need to work on. A consistent Workout routine would be number one. I learned something new today after reading. I didn’t know it takes 66 days for a habit to really stick. You have great info here. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kendra! So happy to hear you loved the post :D:D:D. Makes me very happy. And thanks for the comment, love the name of your Blog -I’ll have to check it out xx

  3. I wish I could switch my schedule and wake up at 5am… But it’s hard to do so when it’s so dark outside…
    Good for you for making such changes! I do meditation and a few exercises in the morning as part of my morning routine. I have a few habits I’d love to get rid of, didn’t know it takes that long though, my willpower may not last that long :)

  4. Oh this sounds very interesting! I have been keeping a bullet journal for the past 3 months and similar to your experience, it has helped me be more aware of my days, things that I’m grateful for and focusing on things I want to achieve. I love the idea of setting a morning routine the night before. Gotta try that one out! Great article :)

  5. That’s great Darja! I love the bullet journal idea -it’s so perfectly flexible. There is something about this journal (the morning sidekick journal) that just hits the right triggers. For me anyway. I’ve tried to wing things like this with my own methods and they’ve worked to a point… but this has just stuck this time. It is likely a combo of the right time for me – and finding the right tool.

    And yeah the writing out of the next day’s morning routine was new to me too and had surprising results. It’s helping me also recognize how much freedom I have to evolve my mornings and keep experimenting. That’s helping me stick to the routine in general too -I can choose to do whatever I want, but what I choose always aligns with my values and goals so they feel good. Thanks for the comment and sharing xx

  6. Hi -oh yeah I totally agree. Something I don’t think I included in the post that was another surprise for me. So this book/journal has some interesting info scattered throughout and one idea was to experiment with how much time you actually need to sleep. I used to be someone who’d wake up feeling tired most of the time, making it extra daunting to get out of bed in the morning. I felt for sure I needed at least 8 hours of sleep. But this book challenged me to test that a few nights and I got up when I woke up, without an alarm and I’ve learned that I actually feel far more refreshed if I get out of bed after 6 hours of sleep and a max of 7, but no more. Sleeping more actually made me feel more tired.

    And yeah it’s dark here too in the mornings but it makes it extra peaceful, I find but I must put some inspiring music on in the background and lately, I’ve been listing to the ***5 am Miracle Podcast*** and I’m loving the mood and mindset it creates for my day. You don’t feel alone in the dark lol and you feel great for being up. If you try that let me know what you think!

    Thanks for the comment Iryna xx

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