How to organize and easily find your favourite images in WIX

Tutorial: how to organize your images in Wix

Never go hunting for that image you liked again!

Wix is pretty easy to use and has a tonne of amazing features, but like anything, it's not perfect and in the past, it was a pain to hunt through their free images for the one you used a month ago but decided to swap for another.  And taking advantage of the many beautiful FREE images that come with a WIX subscription is fun!

Graphic and design elements are something Wix goes above and beyond with.  Wix offers more variety and options for free than any other platform I can think of. You can actually design within WIX, with lots of free icons, illustrations, photos, vector graphic elements and more. You can manipulate the design and graphic elements as if you were inside a full on graphics app. But I digress.

Wix Image Repository
A tiny example of the free image repository within Wix

My point is that anyone who is using Wix might very well want to play with their images a lot because they can.

It's natural to want to play around with all the image options Wix gives you but in the past -it was a pain to re-find images you used in the past or keep track of image ideas for future needs.

Now we have "bookmarks" and folders to help us organize images.

What you need to remember when organizing your images within WIX

1) FAVOURITES - "Star" all WIX FREE images you like when you find them if you want to easily locate them again later. They will be saved under "Favourites" in your Image Admin. If you forget to do this you will have to hunt for them again.

2) FOLDERS - Can be created for organizing images you uploaded from your computer. You cannot create your own folders for the WIX FREE images, or for Favourites.


3) All purchased stock images from within WIX AKA Shutterstock - Will be placed automatically into a folder -where all purchased images can be found easily. All FREE WIX images can be at least "saved" when you star them -and these will all be visible under "Favourites".

4) You can "FAVOURITE" or "STAR"  ALL IMAGES! -but you can't yet organize your favourites into folders -so this section can get very big. I recommend that you organize your own uploaded images and icons into folders and that you do not mark them as FAVOURITES -and only use the FAVOURITES section for images you can't save to your own folders and those are the WIX FREE IMAGES, ILLUSTRATIONS & ICONS.

Lastly -don't forget to make a habit of STARing or FAVOURITEing any WIX FREE image you like BEFORE you use it as you might forget -and have to then hunt for it later.

Here's to using the tools that help you get things done, where you are today

As you may or may not know, I'm not a tool snob. In fact, I can plainly see why we have a variety of website platform choices today. They serve real and worthy purposes. I am not pro or con Wix, Squarespace or WordPress.

What I am is practical and experienced enough to know why each of these tools has its merits. And I'm not the only one by far who can respect Wix for what it does and who it serves.

If you have a Wix website there's certainly a lot to explore and more every month seemingly.

If you'd like to talk to me about website platform options I'm always happy and willing to give you my thoughts on each of the above and others.

You can email me questions and I will respond. Or you can grab some time to talk on the phone. Either way, I'm always happy to discuss this topic.

Until next time,


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