Wix blogs 101: Image sizing, video & the social share image

Wix blogs are fun and easy to use with just a few tips

Wix, and Wix blogs are great tools for the non-techie entrepreneur. If you have a Wix website, you have a tonne of graphics and images and design tools built right into the platform that make it easy for you to be creative with your website. It's a fun platform to use, and I'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to get straight to the fun stuff.

Image sizes for Wix blogs

I often recommend that you choose an image size that displays well on social media, at least for the social share image, and often this image is the first image you place on your blog post at the top of the page.
In the video above I used the current recommended Facebook size as my blog image size here which currently is 1200 x 630 pixels, but 940 x 726 works well too. If you want to create a Canva template for your Wix blog images, all you have to do is create a template with "custom dimensions".
After you click "Custom dimensions" you just enter the width and height of the image you want to create.
NOTE - when you pick an image straight from the Wix Free Image Repository within Wix, you don't have to resize the image, as Wix does a nice job of that for you if you don't make it smaller after you place the image on your blog. ***If you want to Learn More about How Wix Organizes Images, Click Here.
Click on custom dimentions in Canva to create a Wix blog image template
More from WIX here:

Adding video to your Wix blog

Adding video is easy with Wix.

If you want to add a video you uploaded to your YouTube channel, all you have to do is paste the share link into your post after clicking on the video icon.  Furthermore, if you want to upload a video to WIX directly from your computer, you can do that too. Just click the video icon and upload the video as you would an image and add that where you want it to appear on your blog.

Beware, Wix allows a limited amount of video uploads per plan.

The paid Combo Plan is what most new service-based entrepreneurs have, and it's the most affordable paid plan that Wix offers. It's perfect for most things in my opinion, but if you want to upload a lot of video to your Wix site you will need to upgrade. This is another reason why I recommend that you upload your videos to YouTube, where you can take advantage of the free storage and any social traffic back to your website.
So, with the Combo plan, you can upload up to 30 minutes of video (10 minutes maximum per video) and that's it. And you can increase this limit by upgrading your plan. Additionally, I've got a link here with more info direct from Wix:https://support.wix.com/en/article/increasing-your-video-hours-in-wix-video

The social media share image for each Wix blog: AKA the cover image

The social share image is the image people see in social media when your blog is shared. In a Wix blog, your blog cover image will be used when your blog is shared. You can edit your cover image in the Wix blog "Post Settings":
Wix blog change your cover image
Wix blog change your cover image
If you don't specify a cover image in the Post Settings, Wix will just use the 1st image in your Wix blog post.
Wix also uses the Cover image as the thumbnail image on your blog landing page. 

What if you change your cover image after you publish your blog?

This can happen. 
If you add text to your cover image, you might notice a type-o, or maybe you want to change the image from one to another after you publish your blog. You can do this, however, the Social Share image attached to this post might not update across social media and when the next person shares your blog post, the old image might still be used.
Here's how to fix that!
Take the link for the blog post and pop it into the following tools to see how social media will display the post. You can do this before you publish if you want to double-check that your image looks okay.
This is particularly helpful when you decide to include text on your image. But you can do this after you publish your post as well if you change the original image after the blog is published.

Social media debugging tools

Each social media debug tool is a little different and some offer more detail than others.
You want to check that your blog post is pulling the most up-to-date information for the description, title and image you created for it.  Some of these tools will show some or all of this information. After you paste your blog link into the tool, you may have to refresh the tool until you see the updated information.
These tools will "clear the cache" and that just means you are telling them that you've changed information and that they can't use what they have "on file" for you. You are telling them to fetch the updated info ;-)

Other things to be aware of when dealing with Blog images

And this is something you will notice when you test your blog post links in the social media debuggers above.
If you decide to place text on your image, and that text is the title of your blog post:
  • Also, create a text version of the title for the post
  • Leave lots of room around the text, so it won't get cut off when shared
  • Look at the image on your mobile device and if it's too small to read, consider changing the text or removing it

That's it!

If you have a Wix blog -congrats. They are pretty easy to use and give you lots of fun features. With a few tips, you can get down to creating your posts and sharing your expertise in no time.

If you are looking for some ongoing support like this and more for your business, you might enjoy Voxer coaching with me. You can check that out here.

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